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In 1987 Ted Pettibone started Pettibone Construction & Design Inc., which today specializes in managing your residential construction and remodeling projects from the planning and design phase all the way through completion and delivery.

Our credo is simple:  “Superior materials combined with superior craftsmanship create superior homes.”  

What’s in it for you?

  • Experience
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Integrity
  • Satisfaction

✔ Experience  
Experience distinguishes Pettibone Construction & Design as one of St. Louis’s premier and prestigious custom home builders. For over 25 years, Ted Pettibone has accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise in every facet of residential construction-from conceptual planning to comprehensive design, excavation and structural build-out, to finishing and landscaping. Pettibone Construction & Design handles the issuance of all necessary permits and makes sure that all federal, state and local codes and requirements are adhered to. We insure that the site is kept safe and clean. Our team of experienced professionals oversees and collaborates with you on every detail involved in creating your dream house.

✔ Quality
Quality is assured by our dedication to fine craftsmanship, superior materials and high quality components. Masterful site placement, exquisite window/door detailing, and use of elegant architectural elements all help characterize a Pettibone Construction & Design built home. Ted and his team of professionals provide exteriors with tasteful visual appeal and will help design interiors that soar and flow naturally, with open layouts, high ceilings and window placements that allow optimum light to fill interior space. Distinctive areas such as pools/pool houses, libraries, and high-tech entertainment/media rooms with the latest in video and sound systems may be incorporated into your design. And, yes, we assist in adding “smart-house” and “green’ technology applications into your dream home.

✔ Value
Over the years, Pettibone Construction & Design has not only strived to achieve maximum value for your invested funds. We work hard to insure that while optimizing value and minimizing costs, with regard to labor and materials, that your standard of quality isn’t negatively impacted. 

✔ Integrity  
Integrity and honesty are the guiding principles of our company. These principles promote trustworthiness, truthfulness and clear communications between all participants. Pettibone Construction & Design believes that superior homes are built by people of integrity whose simple and timeless adherence to ethical standards is the only way to manage the building process and build lasting relationships in a manner that embodies high standards of ethical conduct.

Satisfaction for our clients is a top priority at Pettibone Construction & Design. Ted Pettibone is deeply committed to making sure all desired architectural details, individual selections, and personal amenities meet or exceed our client’s expectations. We strive to make every project a labor of love for our customers. Building a custom home is an expression of an owner’s vision, organized into tasks, and brought to life in the hands of a craftsman. 

At Pettibone Construction & Design, we build each home as if it were ours, 
ensuring that it is built with the highest quality standards possible and 
with your utmost satisfaction as our goal.


Ted Pettibone
Owner of Pettibone Construction & Design, INC

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View our Photo Gallery of Homes Built In St Louis Mo!  Click Here.
View our Photo Gallery of Homes Built In St Louis Mo!  Click Here.
View our Photo Gallery of Homes Built In St Louis Mo!  Click Here.
Superior Materials Combined With Superior Craftsmanship Create Superior Homes.